Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Morning After: The Walking Dead Vol. 8

If volume 7 of this series ended on a jaw dropping note (which it did!) volume 8 did little to rectify the situation.

I must warn you now about the imminent zombie danger within the rest of the post and by zombie I mean ******Spoilers****** People tend to take zombies and spoilers very seriously. you've been warned.


Once again the zombies are the least terrible aspect of this gritty post apocalyptic tale. Why are they the least terrible? Two words: The Governor    (pictured below)

He is an evil so vile that it makes rotting flesh zombies look like pets (which is why he keeps one chained up in his apartment)

Almost every scene this character was involved in solicited a negative reaction from me. Although punching a comic book page or ripping it out and eating it would be counter productive (why not its a zombie book?) it is a sign of an excellently written character.

For the audience to care about the story and it's heroes, a memorable villain is needed. In fact all of mythological heroes of our society have a strong and evil counterpart. IGN.com actually did a list of the top 100 comic book villains. Here is a sampling:

I would like to point out that most of those villains have had decades to work up to being the greatest but The Governor made the list in less than 25 issues. It takes some concentrated wickedness to pull that off.

I can't wait to see where the characters go from here, considering that nothing can be like it was after what The Governor put us through.