Monday, November 15, 2010

What is a Comic Long Box?

Comic long box? You are one of two types of people you either know what it is (you nerd, or in some cases my "I keep tripping on these things" frustrated wife) or you have no idea. It's really quite a simple concept for those who don't know what one is. It's a box. A long box. It stores comics see:

Why is this place named for a box? I know that you are asking yourself this burning question and the answer is: The comic box represents society's love affair with entertainment. Most, if not all, of people's hopes, dreams, and desires can be represented in the stories collected within the long comic box. Also all the other blog names I wanted were taken.

I will focus on books I am reading although I must warn you I am about a year behind current releases. (I took a break from collecting to focus on silly things like a college education) There will also be movie, TV, and video game talk.

I am a fan of stories in any medium and I will try to pass on my over saturated and rather pedestrian view point onto you so that you can be over saturated too.

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